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Welcome to NUXR. We just launched. This is the first blog entry. I am Daniel Travolto CEO & Founder and i will put all my weight in this project to make it succeed. The aim of NUXR is simple and straight forward. To provide business & product reviews globally on all available platforms be they mobile or desktop eventually even as Augmented Reality apps.

Businesses constantly need new way to reach a maximum number of customers. There is always somebody who couldn’t find your business because they just used a different search than other customers. We want to make sure that your business is found.

My strategy to make this business work is to recruit a large number of independent sales representatives who will earn a monthly income by adding and editing the NUXR business and product database. Thereby pushing businesses into NUXR who would otherwise go unnoticed. This way the database will always be up to date and sales pros will be happy with the income they earn with relatively low effort on their part.