sales job available huge income potential

Since today you can open an account on NUXR. There you can see an overview of all the businesses you submit. After or before you submit businesses you can get in touch with them and make them upgrade their listing on NUXR to get various advantages. When they upgrade you receive 50% of all the monthly income we get from that business. So for example if you submit a hair studio in your city to nuxr and this hair studio then upgrade their listing to a $20 per month listing you will receive $10 per month for this listing. with just 100 businesses listed you can make $1000 per month without any additional effort after that. If you would like to become a sales partner to NUXR you can register today and you can also get in touch with us so we work closely together.

Additionally, in case you have a website you can put an affiliate link on your blog and earn a monthly income for all businesses submitted that came from your link.